Walking, standing, sitting or lying on this beautiful beach, you may want to look over the waters. In the distance you might see the city near the white ocean mountain. Sometimes it is also called the transparent city. You may think that this city is called that way because it’s buildings are transparent to physical light. It is not just that. The people who live there are transparent to the light of their Soul. They really allow this Higher Light in their lives, by letting go everything that blocks this Light. Everyday they spend time to release feelings of anger, hate, guild, sadness and shame and thus their inner Light shines more brightly everyday. Some say that the physical buildings show the inner Light the inhabitants of this city free everyday, more and more. A little more glimmering, a little more shimmering. A bit more subtle rainbow colors, lightening up the houses and streets. Beautiful to watch!

Copyright © Marlon Wong-Sioe 2021