Schrijver van 'Een Spirituele samenleving: een gids om mens-, dier- en milieuvriendelijk samen te leven' en 'Velden van Smaragd: gedichten geïnspireerd op de betoverende schoonheid van de natuur'. Graag spreker op verzoek!

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The death of the ego

You died and you went formless
You went into the formless
Became the formless
The formless you became
And tell me
What but this?
This formless
It is endless
Is but the formless
Just formless
You became
This Love
But Love is formless
Is endless
Just formless
Your ego died
Just formless
The formless
You became

Copyright © Marlon Wong-Sioe 2021

Voor meer gedichten kun je ‘Velden

Worldpeace: harmonious earth!

May world peace now be
May the full possibility of worldpeace now be considered
May all see the full range of possibilities
There are to create worldpeace every moment
May we live each day with these possibilities in our minds
May we see them
More and more
As real options for humankind
May we consider the personal possibilities we have
To create worldpeace
May we consider the option
That everyday

Other ways

They do not mention other ways
Prefer to dwell on darkness
They do not mention other ways
Despising their own light
Won’t tell about other options
Say: grim the expectations
Unless we do cling solely
To superficial fix

They do not mention other ways
Drag others into darkness
They do not mention other ways
Not seeing their own light
Won’t tell about other options
But play your dark emotions

Worldpeace: may it be

May worldpeace be
May all unconscious guilt be dissolved
In peace without a limit
May we see the world anew
Freed from the inner clouds of fear, guilt, sadness, anger, hate, shame and jealousy
May we see the world freed from our inner clouds
That cast their shadows upon it
May all dark clouds of despair and sorrow be lifted now!
May all be forgiven completely
May we all remember

Angelic help

May angels pour down
From the heavens
Bless you
Love you
Keep you save
Around you dear
Beneath you dear
Encircling you
Dissolving fear
And lift you up
Above all sorrow
Sunbeams shine
A new tomorrow
Ever bright
The dawn
So new
The rays of light
Upon the dew
Come angels now
Down on us
With heavens love
With heavens grace
Upon our head
Upon our face
Inside our

Worldpeace: into blissful eternity

May there be worldpeace now
May heavenly angels descent
And ignite the spark of peace in every ones heart
May they help us
Every second of the day
To let it grow brighter and brighter
May we all be open for his opportunity
Even if it is just for one single moment
Just to try it out
May we all be touched in this single moment
May we give in

Outside my tiny window

Right outside
My tiny window
Milky stars across the sky
Right there
Beyond my tiny window
Silver stars
Beyond all scars
And wounds of
Bitter wars
The endless
Silky night
The sky
Of peace
So unacknowledged
But why?
They do not see?
This hopeful bliss
The thing
Secretly miss
They do not see
Cause they don’t look
They do not know
Heavenly glow

Forever in peace

May there be worldpeace now
Let everything be united in peace
That all nations may harmonize with each other
In perfect harmony
In reverence for nature
May all live in beautiful peace
Under a sky full of amazing sparks
May all feel the stability of the earth
And all good things it has to offer for us all
May everyone always and everywhere live in joyful abundance
Forever in peace

Wild sea with sky

“The sea was wild, and dark the sky. But yet there was a glow. The water lit up under stars, mysterious a flow. And something looking like a cloud, what is it in the night? So calm the sea, so wild the sea, of love forever mild.”

Copyright ©  Marlon Wong Sioe 2021

Als dit gedicht je aanspreekt, dan zal dichtbundel Velden van Smaragd: gedichten geïnspireerd op de betoverende schoonheid

Worldpeace: awesome love and peace

May worldpeace be now
May the secret ember residing in all our hearts grow
May it glow brighter
And brighter
This ember
This ember, some in their forgetfulness
Would want you to believe….does not exist
But it shines, just as well in them
May this light shine brighter
This peaceful ember
Keep allowing it to burn very bright
Let it shine brighter and brighter
Until the whole world is set

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