Schrijver van 'Een Spirituele samenleving: een gids om mens-, dier- en milieuvriendelijk samen te leven' en 'Velden van Smaragd: gedichten geïnspireerd op de betoverende schoonheid van de natuur'. Graag spreker op verzoek!

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Outside my tiny window

Right outside
My tiny window
Milky stars across the sky
Right there
Beyond my tiny window
Silver stars
Beyond all scars
And wounds of
Bitter wars
The endless
Silky night
The sky
Of peace
So unacknowledged
But why?
They do not see?
This hopeful bliss
The thing
Secretly miss
They do not see
Cause they don’t look
They do not know
Heavenly glow

Forever in peace

May there be worldpeace now
Let everything be united in peace
That all nations may harmonize with each other
In perfect harmony
In reverence for nature
May all live in beautiful peace
Under a sky full of amazing sparks
May all feel the stability of the earth
And all good things it has to offer for us all
May everyone always and everywhere live in joyful abundance
Forever in peace

Wild sea with sky

“The sea was wild, and dark the sky. But yet there was a glow. The water lit up under stars, mysterious a flow. And something looking like a cloud, what is it in the night? So calm the sea, so wild the sea, of love forever mild.”

Copyright ©  Marlon Wong Sioe 2021

Als dit gedicht je aanspreekt, dan zal dichtbundel Velden van Smaragd: gedichten geïnspireerd op de betoverende schoonheid

Worldpeace: awesome love and peace

May worldpeace be now
May the secret ember residing in all our hearts grow
May it glow brighter
And brighter
This ember
This ember, some in their forgetfulness
Would want you to believe….does not exist
But it shines, just as well in them
May this light shine brighter
This peaceful ember
Keep allowing it to burn very bright
Let it shine brighter and brighter
Until the whole world is set

Who makes up a world like this?!

Who makes up?
A world like this
Where are the guiding lights?
The iridescent colors
That heal and make things right
That lift the veils of darkness
And let us walk upright
In peace
Where are the lights?
From our sight

While they should ever be
In plain sight
Not behind
The walls
Of fear and guilt
Of anger, hate and shame
Beyond them
We find lights

The sick society

Is this society too sick,
to take its medicine?
I‘m not talking about vaccines
Or chloroquine or zink
But love inside our hearts
That shines
That heals all parts
When we allow it to
We drink from it
This True
Light fountain from our hearts
Will tell us what to do
Informs us to act wisely
Prevent and cure precisely
Taking that which is helpful
For all pervading peace

Worldpeace: angelic assistance

May there be worldpeace
May all experience peace
May angels place their hands upon the heads of everyone
Let the light come in
For everyone who is ready for it
Peaceful, calm, lovely, gentle and joyful flowing blessings
May all our fear, guilt, sadness, anger and hate be washed away
May our inner Light be ignited
May it be freed to shine into the world
So that a peaceful society

Worldpeace: freedom, health and justice

May worldpeace be now
May all nations come together in peace
May they help each other in overcoming their challenges
Thus lifting each other up
May the whole world be set upon a path of great healing
A path of great hope
May we spiral up to the sky
Instead of keeping ourselves running around in meaningless circles
May we embark on a quest for true meaning
That always lights

Endless reservoir of Love: flow for worldpeace

May there be worldpeace now
May we all find the reservoir of endless love
Within our hearts
Within our Souls
May we center in it
Deeper and deeper
Deeper yet much deeper
Sinking in it deeper
Feeling it in all our thoughts
In our emotions
In our body
May we feel it in every cell of our body
May it feel tangible
More and more
Sinking in this Love

Worldpeace: flame of Peace

May world peace be now
May the Light reign
May it fall down upon our hearts
And ignite the spark therein
May the ember burst into flames of peace
May they come together
May this flame of peace conquer the whole world
May there be as true smile on everyone’s face
May all the world be fully blessed
In heavenly Grace

Copyright © Marlon Wong-Sioe 2020

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