We’ve build here a community
Among the glowing lilies
The lilies of forgiveness
Beneath the endless sky
Crystalline ever clear
Of perfect peace aware
A bit more everyday
For harmony we pray

For joy
Forever lasting
The Light that is our Self
No longer is obstructed
Not hidden from our sight
No longer
It’s reduced
Inside some fear constructed
As fear collapses
Runs free
All through our field

And so we all
Do grow
By letting our Love flow
The grass
The trees
The lilies
The rivers ever bright

We sing
Sing our unique note
And rise up to the sky
To merge with it forever
And fall
In Love so clever

We know Love keeps us save
Beyond all storm
All form
We choose this Love together
It’s certain
Love’s our Fate

We may experience
Some tough times
They will end
We’ll pass
Beyond all clouds
All anger, fear and doubts
Be welcomed
In the Light
Forever is your right

Free in the sacred night
Between the colored stars
We know
We know
We Are
Love Is
We are not far
Away from one another
We shine
As one
And bliss
It fills us
Is our Being
In endless joyful peace

The story has now ended
We’re welcomed
And free
In Love without a limit
Eternity we’re Spirit
Lit up
We are God’s heart
Nothing we miss
God Is

Copyright © Marlon Wong-Sioe 2021