Right outside
My tiny window
Milky stars across the sky
Right there
Beyond my tiny window
Silver stars
Beyond all scars
And wounds of
Bitter wars
The endless
Silky night
The sky
Of peace
So unacknowledged
But why?
They do not see?
This hopeful bliss
The thing
Secretly miss
They do not see
Cause they don’t look
They do not know
Heavenly glow
Bestowed on us
They turn away
To see what does
Not always stay
They do not see
Refuse to know
What shines in us
What’s healing us
Bright beams
Of love
A sun of peace
In all our hearts
It’s in the cards
As some would say
I know
We all will see
What we adore
Will know for sure
This love so pure
As bright as crystal
Is the cure
It comes to us
In joyful glow
Love as innocent as snow

Copyright © Marlon Wong-Sioe 2021

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