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In the U.S. Marianne Williamson is running for president again. As a very intelligent, strong and loving woman with a lot of both spiritual and political knowledge as well as life-experience, she would make an excellent president of the U.S.

I felt like writing some prayers for her to help her fulfill her life mission whatever peaceful worldly form that mission may take or not. If you also feel like giving Marianne some extra energetic support by regularly sending her peace, love and praying for her, you might want to take a look at these prayers. The spiritual/psychological handbook ‘A Course in Miracles’ says: “Prayer is the medium for miracles. It is a means of communication of the created with the Creator. Through prayer love is received, through miracles love is expressed.”

Sending peace/love and praying is not something that replaces physical action. If Spirit guides you to take physical (peaceful) action, following your heart in connection with your head, please do so!

Here are the prayers:

-May Marianne Williamson get all the heavenly support there is, to fulfill her life mission.

-May Marianne Williamson always experience peace and love. May she always have the wisdom and courage to make the choices that are for the highest good of all.

-May everyone who supports Marianne Williamson be surrounded, protected, healed and guided by God’s loving angels.

-May Marianne Williamson always be surrounded by God’s loving angels, comforting her, guiding her and protecting her always.

-May everyone be willing to see the Divine Light in Marianne Williamson as well as in themselves and everyone else.

-May Marianne Williamson be surrounded by a heavenly light. May this light protect her and comfort her.

-May Marianne Williamson always have the loving strength of her Core having a deep connection with it.

-May everyone that is guided by Spirit to physically help Marianne Williamson do so, with a clear mind and a heart full of love.

-May Marianne Williamson be helped by heavenly forces to carry out her life mission.

-May Marianne Williamson her campaign team be helped by heavenly forces to always make the choices for the highest good of all.

-May Marianne Williamsons path be filled with angels guiding her and supporting her.

-May Marianne Williamsons Core-Light shine, as well as everyone else’s, so that everything that is not in accordance with Love is cleared.

-May everyone see the beautiful Light of Marianne Williamson, as well as the Light of everyone else.

-May everyone see the beautiful Light of Marianne Williamson, and recognize it as their own.

-May every politician have a kind and supportive attitude towards Marianne Williamson.

-May all the media have a kind and supportive attitude towards Marianne Williamson.

-May everyone who wants to support Marianne Williamson in a peaceful way, be able to do so.

-May Marianne Williamson her campaign for a more loving and just world unfold according to the peaceful Divine Plan

-May everyone treat Marianne Williamson in a kind and fair way.

-May everyone see and acknowledge the wonderful opportunities that a president that is loving and intelligent can bring!

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Peace be with you!