The spiritual psychological self study book A Course in Miracles talks about the real world. It is a world that reflects the Light of the true Self!

The Course lets us know that ‘The real world is attained simply by the complete forgiveness of the old, the world you see without forgiveness’. (Chapter 17.2)

It also says about the real world that ‘The bridge between that world and this is so little and so easy to cross, that you could not believe it is the meeting place of worlds so different. Yet this little bridge is the strongest thing that touches on this world at all. This little step, so small it has escaped your notice, is a stride through time into eternity…(Chapter 17.2)

Please let the beauty of the real world enchant you. Be still a moment and see the world with forgiving eyes.

If you like the painting you will probably also like the book ‘Een Spirituele Samenleving: een gids om mens-, dier- en milieuvriendelijk samen te leven‘ by: Marlon Wong-Sioe.