Who makes up?
A world like this
Where are the guiding lights?
The iridescent colors
That heal and make things right
That lift the veils of darkness
And let us walk upright
In peace
Where are the lights?
From our sight

While they should ever be
In plain sight
Not behind
The walls
Of fear and guilt
Of anger, hate and shame
Beyond them
We find lights
They are
As pure as snow
We wish to see them now
Somehow, somehow, somehow
The lights with holy glow
Still bright and innocent
And radiant they flow
Let come
The lights
Your blessings on us
In strength and peace
Will be as high above
All heavens
Holy dove

Like stars we shine
We are
In love
Pure and divine
Society divine
If we
With love align
If we let our light shine

Copyright © Marlon Wong-Sioe 2020

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