Schrijver van 'Een Spirituele samenleving: een gids om mens-, dier- en milieuvriendelijk samen te leven' en 'Velden van Smaragd: gedichten geïnspireerd op de betoverende schoonheid van de natuur'.

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Angel of healing that gladly listenes to people

“This angel of healing gladly sits down to listen to what people have to say. You may share all your concerns with it. It will, with your permission, do everything that it can to better your situation.”

Marlon Wong Sioe

Aartsengel Raziel en de samenleving: veel meer aandacht voor bezinning!

Levensvragen…Meditatie en contemplatie kunnen ons helpen om op deze diepgaande en relevante vragen antwoord te vinden. Je kunt hier specifiek hulp bij vragen van de liefdevolle Aartsengel Raziel die je graag zal helpen. Zelf heb ik hier positieve ervaringen mee. In de toegevoegde geleide meditatie help ik je om met behulp van de aartsengel Raziel het antwoord te vinden op al je levensvragen. Ik denk dat de samenleving hier een

The Majestic Archangel Metatron

Feel the true majestic power of this Majestic Archangel. Let it touch you to release your Great Inner Light! A New Ara has come for all humanity, once everyone allows his/her self to be touched by this lovely and peaceful Divine Angel.

Let it’s radiance be and allow yourself to resonate with it. Be in the pure exhilarating and powerful glow of this great Being. Yours is the choice to

The Powerful Archangel Michael

See the shining and radiant strength of this amazing Archangel full of Love. Clearly the peaceful and strong Angel of Protection helps with its Light to keep all darkness at bay! On its back Michael carries a sword of light to cleave all illusions of darkness to let them disappear into the nothingness from where they came!

Call on this angel without hesitation if you feel like darkness is surrounding

The Bright Archangel Gabriel

Hear the Bright Archangel Gabriel playing sweet and victorious notes on the trumpet it holds in his/her hands! The great Archangel heralds a truly New Era of love and peace for all by helping us all to communicate and express ourselves with clarity, strength and true love!

If you like the soft pastel drawing you will probably also like the book ‘Een Spirituele Samenleving: een gids om mens-, dier-

The Soothing Archangel Raphael

The Soothing Archangel Raphael is shining its healing light to all who are open to it. He/she is willing to help everyone who asks for it. Softly the Archangel gives his/her impulses to stimulate healthy actions in the direction of a greater health. Step by step he/she is leading people to a greater harmony! The Archangel asks us to be open and be willing to play an active role in

The mysterious Archangel Raziel

The Archangel Raziel has its wings folded as a symbol that he/she keeps Gods secrets save. Yet in the wings of the angel one can see the endless night sky and the countless stars that light this velvet void.

If you like the soft pastel drawing you will probably also like the book ‘Een Spirituele Samenleving: een gids om mens-, dier- en milieuvriendelijk samen te leven‘ by: Marlon

Meditatie: Archangel Michael

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