Schrijver van 'Een Spirituele samenleving: een gids om mens-, dier- en milieuvriendelijk samen te leven' en 'Velden van Smaragd: gedichten geïnspireerd op de betoverende schoonheid van de natuur'.

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City of True Hope

“Welcome in the City of True Hope. Feel the Hope here! Hope of a better world. A world reflecting Heavens Light! It is the Light Within. Allowing it, allowing it, more and more. The people do so, in this city. Casting out the fear with Love. By their willingness to forgive. This City is a Beacon of Hope for the world!”

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City beneath the blue moon

Welcome to the city beneath the blue moon. Here the people open up to the sacred mystery of life which is Love. Feel the enchanting beauty of this island on which this city is located. Feel blessed in holy peace!

Copyright © Marlon Wong-Sioe 2021

City of Cosmic Ecstasy

“Please feel welcome in the City of Cosmic Ecstasy. Release here you burdens and let them dissolve. Dissolving into the Light. Dissolving into the Love. Dissolving into the Void…of Pure Aliveness. Be here…in this moment…in this Eternity…of never ending Bliss! Together as One!”

Marlon Wong Sioe

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City at the Galactic Highway

Welcome in the City at the Galactic Road or Highway! The darkness you see here may frighten you, but actually it is the loving Unknown which forms a highway to other dimensions of light. Each speck of light you see in it, is a focus of consciousness travelling to other experiences of untold beauty and peace. No physical death is necessary to ride this Galactic Highway. It is just focusing

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