Schrijver van 'Een Spirituele samenleving: een gids om mens-, dier- en milieuvriendelijk samen te leven' en 'Velden van Smaragd: gedichten geïnspireerd op de betoverende schoonheid van de natuur'.

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City of Magnificent Ecstasy

Be welcome in the City of Magnificent Ecstasy. Feel its vibrating colorful Peace and Love. Align yourself with the high ideals of this city that is an example for the whole wide world.

Since the people and the city council established its high ideals the city has become a place of wonder more and more. Millions have visited this blossoming city, people from all over the world, bringing its lofty

The Great Magnificent City

Welcome in the Great Magnificent City. Here you can find out what true magnificence is about.

Be here surrounded by ecstatic fields of green under a pure starlit indigo blue sky! Walk through the streets of this city that are glowing with love. Actually their glow is a reflection of the Love that the people who life here shine from their peaceful and joyful hearts. Please join them in their

City of the Magnificent Arc

Welcome dear one in the City of the Magnificent Arc. Feel the peaceful and solid strength of this city, surrounded by peaceful fields under a majestic sky.

It is said that the arc of the city is symbolic for the peaceful protection that covers the whole ancient fort. Feel save here. There is place to rest for everyone who wants to. It is a place of comport for really anyone

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