Schrijver van 'Een Spirituele samenleving: een gids om mens-, dier- en milieuvriendelijk samen te leven' en 'Velden van Smaragd: gedichten geïnspireerd op de betoverende schoonheid van de natuur'.

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The Chrismas Portals

Enter other worlds this Christmas Time. Worlds of peace, joy and true beauty. Resonate with this worlds and feel refreshed. Then when coming back to this world allow it to resonate with your renewed peaceful and loving energy. Keep the Spirit of Christmas alive throughout the year!

If you like the soft pastel drawing you will probably also like the book ‘Een Spirituele Samenleving: een gids om mens-, dier-

Christmas Star

May angels softly guide you
Each step upon your way
And may their wings unfold you
And warm you, this I pray

May they hover around you
Above you night and day
Gently but firmly hold you
Your hands, keep fear at bay

Up high beyond all sorrow
Dear angels lift you here
They sing you Are, you Are
Love, everlasting Star

May they uncover Brightness
You are Love,

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