May angels pour down
From the heavens
Bless you
Love you
Keep you save
Around you dear
Beneath you dear
Encircling you
Dissolving fear
And lift you up
Above all sorrow
Sunbeams shine
A new tomorrow
Ever bright
The dawn
So new
The rays of light
Upon the dew
Come angels now
Down on us
With heavens love
With heavens grace
Upon our head
Upon our face
Inside our heart
We’ll find a place
Where we all know
An innocence
As pure as snow
Enchanting glow
Where love it does forever grow
We truly know
For sure we know
It’s velvet
Like the starry night
A sacred black
Feels so alright
A greater peace and harmony
Ever free
This unseen love
Forever we
Are still
May blossom
Come angels now
And let us be
Transparent being
Shine from within
Away all sin
Remembering we are all kin
We’re one in love
There’s left no trace
Of guilt or fear
Cause love is here
A space of peace
Is all
That’s left
Not one of us
Still feels bereft
In peace
Just living peace
Is here
At ease
In holy peace

Copyright © Marlon Wong-Sioe 2021

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