“Welcome in the Golden City. Experience true balance here and what goes even beyond all balance!

How did the Golden City came about?

Once the city was dark and there was despair. Then some people really did their best to establish a democracy – instead of a situation in which some people were not allowed to say anything – because it was their idea that everyone is of equal worth and has something valuable to share. They really did their best to inform people well, so that they would have the tools to become their best selves. The people often walked a bumpy road with a lot of detours, but more and more people started acting in a loving way. They decided to let go of their hate, fear, guilt and anger. They did inner processing work and their right-minded actions enhanced their forgiveness process work. The Light was reflected in this city more and more this way.

The people came to understand that there is a Oneness behind all form and found out that the most rewarding goal in life is experiencing this Oneness. This Oneness was reflected more and more in the minds and thus also in all the deeds of the people.

When there were elections the people started to vote more and more using their head, connected with their heart. They understood more and more that voting isn’t wrong because by doing that they would ‘choose sides and thereby strengthen duality’. They realized more and more that the whole reality we experience, except for the ultimate formless Reality of Peace, is a dualistic illusion.

They understood that choosing to breath clear air is opposite to choosing to breath polluted air. And that choosing to eat healthy food is opposite to eating unhealthy food…it’s not wrong to choose have preferences in the illusion. It’s not wrong to choose to vote for people who allow others to breath clean air or to vote for those people who allow you to eat healthy food instead of voting for people who think it’s fine to pollute the air or to genetically modify our foods without us even knowing it and more stuff similar to that.

They understood they needed to vote for what is most healthy – for what reflects the Light of the ultimate Reality (worth even more than gold) the most. The people came to the understanding that they needed to choose the thoughts that reflect the Light the most and act from them. By doing this, their dark (imbalanced) thoughts were transformed. Their mean fearful thoughts – thoughts of guilt, hate, shame, anger, sadness and more thoughts like this – were transformed into loving thoughts – peaceful, joyful, kind thoughts. We need to know that we Are the Light even beyond those thoughts. That is what the people of this city realized.

Dualism does not have to be experienced necessarily as unpleasant. Dualism means that there are opposites. Cold/warm, hard/soft, dark/light, yin/yang. When yin and yang are in balance our experience is pleasant. The Light of the ultimate Reality – which is one with the ‘dark velvet void’ (Brennan 2018) which is far beyond any fear or hate – is reflected. When there is disbalance the experience we have is unpleasant. The Light of the ultimate Reality is less reflected. Maybe we speak about ‘bad’ or ‘evil’. A ‘new duality’ has ‘come to life’: pleasant and unpleasant.

The fact that there is the experience of both the pleasant and unpleasant does not mean that yin and yang are in balance, as is often thought. When we have unpleasant experiences, this means yin and yang are out of balance. The people came to understand this.

The inhabitants of the city realized: to restore balance we need to make certain decisions. For example breathing healthy (balanced) air and eating healthy (balanced) food and making healthy (political) choices that make this all possible. This is not strengthening dualism, but choosing for more balance within the dualistic experience to be better able to experience the Light that is even beyond all balance – Tao. And it’s better to eat food that is at least partly healthy than it is to eat food that is not healthy at all. The same goes up for voting during elections.

On an emotional and mental level choosing to restore balance means surrendering the unbalanced (relatively small) parts of ourselves to the larger healthy (balanced) part of ourselves. This does not enhance dualism but enhances balance and makes duality more transparent for the Light of Love that is beyond it.

Transforming the unbalanced part of ourselves does not mean we neglect them or suppress them by thinking about the platitude ‘what you focus your attention on grows’. There is a world of difference between focusing on something unbalanced and believing it is true in the deepest sense of the word and focusing on it without believing this – knowing that all duality is illusion and only Love is Real. We need to always recognize Love as the ultimate Truth, recognize our experience of the parts that aren’t loving (fearful) and allow them to come into accordance with Love more and more. It’s a process, sometimes a very slow one. Sometimes, lucky enough, a fast one.

To restore balance and allow the Light to shine, it is important not to judge in the sense of condemning, but we do need to use discernment! We need to be willing to see things differently, in another Light. It means being willing to forgive, even if you don’t know how. In other words, you admit that you might be wrong, but you will come to realize that this can be in your advantage. Balance is restored by allowing loving kindness to be, always. The total experience of peace and love despite of who or what you think about, having malice toward none, is the only way to be sure that you are right.

Using this knowledge the city of darkness and despair became the Golden City. The citizens of this city became more and more aware of the fact that eventually there will only the pure experience of the radiant and shining non-dualistic Light of Love. Eventually all illusions will transform forever!” What will be experienced is peaceful formless Oneness! Love without an end! Some say the citizens of this Golden City have already reached this, now shining their Light upon all who are still walking the road until this realization of Oneness is complete.

Copyright © Marlon Wong-Sioe 2020

Brennan, B.A. (2018) Core Light Healing: A personal journey and advanced healing concepts for creating the life you long to live. New York City: Hayhouse

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