If someone is in an abusive relationship with someone and the one abusing the other is offering some daily sweet cookies, most people would find this daily giving of cookies quite silly to point out to when it comes to discussing the personality of the abuser, isn’t it? I mean, most people wouldn’t find this fact relevant, when it comes to advising the one who is abused about whether to stay with that abuser or not. Isn’t  this the case? We would probably also doubt the intentions of the cookies being given by the abuser. We would probably say it is not a healthy relationship and healthy boundaries should be set. We do not just say the person being abused should ignore the other person, thinking that all will be well then.

The same should go up when it comes to the relationship of political leaders with the people they should help. When political leaders do not strive towards a peaceful society in which humans, animals and nature live in harmony together, but instead of this are abusing the earth and its inhabitants, something is wrong…boundaries need to be set. For example by doing investigation when there are elections and by voting then for the most human-, animal and nature friendly party. Also we can help by lobbying for a more humane society – by creative loving expression in a way that fits us. Just neglecting the abuser (not voting) is not advisable.

Of course there is a deeper goodness that lies beyond the personality – which is the reason everyone should be treated in a humane way – and we should also acknowledge what people do right from their heart…Important to remember is that having healthy boundaries does not mean there cannot be forgiveness…the letting go of pain and blaming. This letting go of pain and blame is necessary, not approving the situation associated with it. The clouds won’t clear without the willingness to forgive. Healthy boundaries and forgiveness, is what is needed.

And I write this in general…not specifically when it comes to the current crisis. We should always live from Loves, as much as is possible. May there be peace for all human beings. May they live in harmony with each other, animals and nature. May there be Worldpeace!

Copyright © Marlon Wong-Sioe 2020

Written also thanks to some inspiration from Marianne Williamson.

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